Sunday, 13 May 2012

The Art of Water

Most gardeners have clothes on

Water is vital for all plants. Indeed, it is the most essential factor in the growth of healthy plants. When I first started gardening, I didn't have a clue about the time periods for watering. Perhaps I just didn't think about it. Logically, the best time to water plants is at a time where there is the least evaporation. Essentially, this is best done at dawn or first light and at dusk. In the summer when it is unreasonably hot, watering plants may have to be done twice a day. 

The BBC guide has a number of aspects on effective watering. Of course, you need good hosepipes if you have a large enough garden or a good sized watering can. I find that a good  Watering cans that is of reasonable size works the best. I also have a smaller watering can to water potted plants. Reasonable priced ones can be found at Wilkinsons or Poundland. 

England has been in drought. I have had to contemplating saving rainwater to water the plants. Water butts may be one option but they look a bit pricey to me since I am always obsessive about spending as little as possible on my garden. So far I have developed most of it on a shoestring budget. The Environmental Agency isn't wonderfully useful. This website tells me how to build a rainwater collection system but I am probably too lazy to do that. The BBC is interesting and fairly useful as well. I though am going to think about adapting a large bin for these purposes. We shall see how it goes. Nothing like an engineering adventure that may go completely wrong.

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