Sunday, 6 May 2012

The Magical Garden.

My friend has a magical garden. She teaches me all kinds of things about plants. The other day, she came over to tell me that I needed to whip the heads off the dead daffodils and tulips to preserve the bulbs for next year. This weekend, I trotted down to see her pottering around in her greenhouse. The greenhouse is the most amazing place I have ever seen. It has a built in heater that germinates all her plants in record time.  Interesting, she keeps her plants warm by using bubble wrap all around the inside of her green house.   The above are her seedlings. It is only May 2012 and its houseful. Today, she gave me some broccoli, marigold and flower seedlings to plant. I shall hopefully return to her magical garden soon. The above are spare seedlings apparently! :). 

Anyway, I love visiting my friend's house. It is always a bit like walking into a magical garden with the most amazingly beautiful plants. It is a magical world - well, certainly my magical world of greenery. 

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